A Legacy of Faith

In 1951, a small band of faith-filled believers met in the front yard of the home of Mr. and Mrs. Walter J. Roberson and established a Sunday School ministry that served as the beginning of Haskell Heights First Baptist Church.  We pause to remember:

Mr. & Mrs. Walter Roberson

Mr. & Mrs. Ladd Sims

Mr. Willie Stone

Mr.& Mrs.Eugene Hagen

Rev. & Mrs. Isadore Coleman

Mr. & Mrs.Tom Davenport

Mr. & Mrs. Adam Brooks

Mr. & Mrs. Ernest Shelton

By divine appointment, these believers met Reverend Willie Ellis, Sr. and a meeting was held at a dirt-bottom building owned by Tommy and Mary Pearson on Bon Air Drive.  In this building, the group of believers officially organized themselves as the Haskell Heights First Baptist Church.  Reverend Willie Ellis, Sr. was installed as the first pastor of the church in 1953.  The Sunday School was reorganized and Reverend E. W. Hagen was elected Sunday School superintendent, Deacon Walter Roberson, Assistant Superintendent, Mary Coleman, Secretary, and Veola Roberson, Treasurer.

As God continued to bless them, Mr. John Lavendor donated a lot on Blue Ridge Terrace and a new church was erected.  The church was built through the volunteer efforts of the church families (children included).  The building project was financed through sing-outs, dinners, and mock weddings.  Building dedication services were celebrated on March 20-25, 1955.  Pastor John Martin served as pastor from 1958-1970.  Pastor Simon Moore assumed the pastorate in April 1970. 

On October 22, 1972, God sent Pastor Joseph H. Hollis to shepherd the Haskell Heights Church body.  Under his leadership, the church fulfilled its vision to celebrate the full-gospel of Christ through emphasis of teaching on the Holy Spirit.  In June of 1977 a new edifice was constructed.  In 1995, additions were made to the edifice to accommodate new ministry operations.


  In September 2006, the mantle was passed again to Pastor Glenn D. Wigfall to continue building the legacy of prayer, praise, and power.

The Haskell Family has always stood steadfast and immovable in its faith, firm over the years, in the face of many oppositions, to the plan of God.  Because of this faithfulness and commitment to purpose, Haskell has ignited a spiritual awakening that continues to permeate the Haskell Heights community to this day.