Meet Our Pastor


Glenn D. Wigfall was ordained into the gospel ministry 2001 under the leadership of Dr. Joseph H. Hollis and was installed as pastor of Haskell Heights First Baptist Church in September of 2006.  Pastor Glenn received his Master of Divinity in Pastoral Leadership from Columbia International University (Columbia Biblical Seminary) in 2002.  Pastor Glenn has been raised up by God to love people and considers his stewardship as an under-shepherd of God as a privilege to serve.

As a pastor, he is a diversified mix of old and young, conservative and radical, teacher and preacher, father and friend. He enjoys his covenant blessing in his wife, Gayel and their four children: Nigel, Kyla, Joel, and Joshua. The family resides in Irmo, South Carolina.

Pastor Glenn’s greatest desire is to see the people of God recognize their potential as the children of God and to exercise their authority, ability, and availability to impact the world and win souls by the Word of God.  He desires to see families prosper through the power of the Word of God.   

His daily prayer is for God’s:

1.      Grace and mercy towards His people

2.      Wisdom to teach him how to lead

3.      Heart toward the people of God

4.      Power to be applied to the lives and circumstances of His people.


Pastor Glenn is privileged to serve as under-shepherd over the family of Haskell Heights where God has aligned strategic leadership to implement the vision to edify the body for the work of ministry and to build upon the foundation of prayer, praise, and power in Haskell Heights’ 55 years of service.

Pastor Glenn’s three-fold ministry burden and goal is:

  1. To apply biblical principles with simplicity for effective living among God’s people.
  2. To build wholesome families and communities by the Gospel of Jesus Christ.
  3. To restore a Biblical Theocracy (worldview) to the church and a commitment to the Abrahamic Covenant as God’s plan to save all nations.