Christian Education

The Christian Education Ministry provides diversified opportunities to study to show ourselves approved unto God.  We understand that Knowledge of God brings obedience and obedience brings blessing, we can bless others.


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This year we are studying the Kings of Israel during our Vacation Bible School.  Much of the Bible is written about the historical actions of God’s people as He leads them out of Egypt into the land that He promised them to occupy.  The story of the kings is about the leaders that governed God’s people during biblical times.  As we study how God interacted with the kings of Israel, we can better understand how God will react to our leaders and His people today. Remember Hebrews 13:8, “Jesus Christ is the same yesterday and today and forever.”


Study In The Book of Revelation

After our summer vacation, we will be studying the Book of Revelation and taking a close look at the events in our world today. During the break, we will be getting prepared for our study using Dr. David Jeremiah's book:

Obtain your copy from the Christian Education office today. 

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Genesis Survey Chapters 1-12

Genesis Introduction - Summer Study Sheet

Genesis Genealogical Chart

Genesis 1-4 (Part I)

Genesis 1-4 (Part II)

Genesis 5-8

Genesis 9

Genesis 10

Genesis 11 (Part I)

Genesis 11 (Part II)

Genesis 12






Bible Study


 Ministry of Healing


This ministry provides systematic study of the Word of God using the Bible as primary curriculum.  Topical Studies will supplement the organized study of the Bible to address need areas of development within the congregation and community.



Sunday School Ministry

This ministry provides classes in Bible topics that relate to everyday issues of the Christian life for every age level represented in the church.  The National Sunday School Curriculum is the primary source for instruction and classes are offered  based on request and need.  The Sunday School will serve as the springboard for a Sunday Biblical Studies Institute.



Library Ministry

The Library Ministry provides resources for personal Christian development, academic enrichment, and classroom necessities for Christian Education ministries and events.  The Library Ministry will serve as the foundation for the churches ministry and academic resource center.



Vacation Bible School Ministry

  This ministry provides opportunity for thematic studies in the Bible that we "bring to life" to give the church a variety of approaches to teach and communicate the principles of the Word of God.  This is an annual evangelistic opportunity for community and family outreach.  It also serves as fellowship/fun/instructional opportunity during the vacation season.



Biblical Studies Ministry

 This ministry provides an opportunity for "formalized" study of the Word of God and principles of ministry.  It is designed for those who are interested in formal preparation for ministry service.  This ministry will partner with Bible Colleges, Seminaries, and Institutions of higher learning for credit/certificate study.