Community Relations & Social Concerns

The Community Relations & Social Concerns Ministry provides opportunity for faith impact within our community.  This ministry serves to build relationships with the community that will help communicate Godly values and address concerns from a biblical standpoint.  This provides the church with a voice for moral stability within the community and provides opportunity for the church to serve within the community.

*Note:  Ministry under development

Ministry Leader:  Hugh Coleman

Associated Ministries

Community Connection Ministry*

This ministry is a liaison ministry which maintains contact with the community in which it immediately ministers within.  Events and programs are developed for keeping a connection with the community and facilities and resources of the church are offered to assist the community in the mission which is shared by the church.  This ministry attends meetings of the community and communicates the churches express interest in community affairs.   

Community Development Ministry*

This ministry stays abreast of development on-going in the community in which the church ministers to keep current with development trends, issues affecting the church and ways that the church can assist in the overall development of the community.  The church must have both presence and influence in the community in which it ministers.  This ministry will develop the plan of action for the church’s community development corporation and assist in the implementation of such ministry.

Social Concerns Ministry*

This ministry involves finding solutions and creating resources for social issues affecting the church and the community.  The social concerns ministry closely partners with the Member Care ministries to aid members in getting assistance on issues that affect the social welfare of the family.  This ministry serves as a resource ministry for connecting local resources into the ministry of the church.

Public Relations Ministry*

This ministry is the customer service, community relations, and media relations ministry arm of the church which exists to ensure positive impact on the community and the church.  The public relations ministry builds relationships and rapport with community organizations and establishes regular communication to build a connection between the church and local, regional, national and international organizations that share the mission of the church.  The public relations ministry will ensure that all images, correspondence, mediations, visitations, and communications are in sound order to properly represent the church of Jesus Christ and benefit the community.