The Helps Ministry administers operational assistance and support to all areas of ministry in the body as well as administers the fellowship and recreational programs of the church.

*NOTE: Ministry under development

Ministry Leader:  Mary Priester-Clarke

Associated Ministries

Nursery Ministry

This ministry provides care and biblical instruction to children from infant through 7 years old.  The nursery ministry also provides training opportunities to older children who wish to assist in the care and instruction of the ministry participants.

Parish Nurse Ministry

 This ministry offers medical assistance to members who need temporary medical care, first aid assistance or referral care for more complex medical needs.  This ministry will host health fairs and informational sessions, and informational guides to increase the awareness of congregational health needs.  This ministry will collaborate with the Member Care ministry to provide public health information and teaching to elevate the overall health of the community.

Kitchen Ministry

 This ministry provides foor and service for Wednesday Nite Supper and all other ministry events that require food preparation.  Teams within this ministry will provide preparation, setup, service, and cleanup for ministry events.  The Kitchen ministry will provide healthy choice alternatives and awareness and instruction on health cooking/eating habits that raise the overall health level of the church and community.

Special Accommodations Ministry

This ministry provides custom accommodations and alternatives to assist members with a variety of special accommodations needs to ensure their members with a variety of special accommodations needs to ensure their optimal participation in the worship service and ministry events.

Transportation Ministry

This ministry provides transportation to members who require pick-up/drop-off service to church and ministry events.  This ministry will pursue outreach tothe community to assist members in the service community within the purview of the church.

Special Events Ministry

This ministry is the planning arm of the church for special events.  Special Events will also provide ministry assistance/consultance to other ministries that plan ministry events.  This ministry will supervise the advertisement of the church while the Church Business Unit is under formation.

Recreation Ministry*

This ministry provides recreational ministry opportunities and services for the church and ministry events.  The recreation ministry will establish leagues with other churches and community organizations to give unique opportunities for evangelism and fellowship within the body of Christ and the community.


This ministry ensures the physical security of the Building and property during and after church services and ministry events.  The Security/House/Grounds ministry ensures that the ground conditions are conducive to assembly (especially for outdoor events) and that the physical safety of the participants are considered.