Member Care

The Member Care Ministry administers our comprehensive care to our members and keeps our members connected to one another.  This ministry serves the needs of our members and also provides assistance to our “not-yet-members”.

Ministry Leader:  Minister Thelma Young

Associated Ministries

Member Care Teams

This ministry provides the services of the traditional “missionary circles” in the church which were formed to provide care for a variety of needs facing members of the body of Christ (crisis, social, emotional, financial, material, and ultimately spiritual).  These teams will visit members in hospitals, homes, care facilities, places of detainment, etc., to ensure that members feel the love of the church during times of need.

Bereavement Ministry

 This ministry provides loving care and assistance during and following times of bereavement.  Bereavement is a process and requires consistent level of care for completion of the healing in the life of a member.

Recovery Ministries* (6:11 Ministry--Substance, Domestic Violence, Addictions, etc.)

This ministry provides instruction, support, mentoring, and accountability to address specific habits, lifestyles, issues, and addictions that challenge the Christian in their pursuit of holiness and wholeness.  Several support groups will be developed to come along side members in recovering God’s purpose for their lives.

Senior Care Ministry*

This ministry provides care services to our senior population. Programs for fellowship and support, and instruction are provided for creating quality living conditions for Senior member.

College Connection Ministry*

This ministry will provide outreach care with members and community who are away from home pursuing educational, vocational, and work-training programs.  

Military Outreach Ministry*

This ministry will provide outreach care with members, their families, and community who are away from home practicing military duty.

Benevolence & Clothing Ministry

Public Health Ministry*

This ministry will partner with the Parish Nurse ministry to provide care to the congregation in proper health habits and up-to-date information on healthy living styles which affect the lives of God’s people.  Public Health will publish information and provide routine education emphasis on issues of public health and their impact on the church.