Professional Development

The Professional Development Ministry employs the use of gifts and skills within the body to assist others in a collaborative effort to raise the educational, vocational, and economic standard within the body of Christ and bring glory to God.


*Ministry under development


Ministry Leader:  Norma McAllister


Associated Ministries

Educational Development/Educational Empowerment Ministry*

This ministry provides instruction and support, tutoring, and mentoring for intentional academic/educational enrichment and empowerment to advance the people of God and its surrounding community.  Educational empowerment has as its goal, the up-building of people. This ministry will raise the bar of this congregation and its community educationally.

Educational Empowerment will develop a series of workshops, seminars, and information sessions as well as partner with organizations that will assist members in obtaining educational resources to be a success in life.


Career Development Ministry

This ministry provides instruction, support and resources to assist our members (and ultimately our communities) in becoming gainfully employed, re-employed, and/or promoted by encouraging a match of gifting and skill with practical techniques to develop within their careers.  This ministry will oversee a partnership preparation program with industry to ensure sound Christian values and virtues in its employees that lead to industrial gain and positive witness to the Kingdom of God.


Technology and Publishing Ministry

This ministry is placed under the Professional Development Ministry Team to serve as a platform for practicing the philosophy of professional development and to allow members the opportunity to gain meaningful experience in educational, economic, and career development.  This ministry will address any technology issues, improvements, and innovations that the church needs to advance the kingdom of God.  Further this ministry will provide documentation, editing, publishing and distribution of relevant information to advance the mission of this church.


Economic Development Ministry*

This ministry provides instruction, consult, and partnership with organizations to stimulate the economic improvement and development of the community in which the church ministers, the church and its members and community.  The church will model and provide mentoring and accountability for members to grow economically using sound biblical practices and thereby increase its witness in the community and the Kingdom’s impact on the community.