Evangelism Tracts


The Evangelism Ministry has designed tracts to minister God's free gift of salvation and demonstrate Christ's love to those who are unsaved or in despair. 

Each tract ministers in its unique way to reach children to adults and ties scriptures into situations that are facing all of us in our day-to-day lives.  Also, the tract provides a simple prayer for salvation and "what's next" after you have committed your life to Christ.

Currently, we have 4 tracts available for order.


You Are Loved  

(Reassuring the saved and unsaved of the Gift of God's Love--His Son)

Who Do You Depend On?

(In times of despair & need, we need a reminder of where our help comes from)

Why Do I Need Salvation?

(This tract is designed for pre-teens & teens to explain the need for salvation and God's grace) 

The Color of Love

(This tract is designed for children.  Not only does it teaches children their basic colors but how those colors can be applied to salvation)


Upcoming Tracts:


Faith Is...

(This tract will demonstrate how real faith in God can move mountains)

Why Am I A Christian?

(This tract compares Christianity with other religions that are popular today)

I Need Help for My Marriage

(Why Godly marriage is a covenant between God and the couple)

If you or your organization are interested in ordering tracts in bulk, click on our "Contact Us" page to submit your request along with the number of copies you would like.


Below is a sample of one of our tracts: